Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crazy week

This week is so crazy! What with Molly's sweet fifteen, her bday, my JDance classes, my JDance show, Molly's choreography, her surpsise choreography, and all the study I should be doing (sad to say it won't be done by itself), I don't get a free moment... So I think this will be the last one till the week is out... Or till next Monday, for school's sake... I just wish we didn't have so many tests, they are useless! They only make us nervous, and we don't learn anything with them!
Luckily, we only have 18 more days of school... November the 27th and we're out! Yay!
I have so many plans for the holidays... I have my usual list of 'books to read' (Brisingr, Treasure Island, Historias de cronopios y de famas, Farenheit 451, Vampire Lestat, and sth by Isabel Allende), and of 'classes to go to' (piano, knitting, cooking, literary sths...).
So I have enough to look forward to.

Well, I think I'd better start with my sexual education test for Friday... I must learn the female and male's reproductive system... Wish me luck!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Writing again!

Today was one of those days that are long and short at the same time. It's strange, but it seems as though I had done tons of stuff today, and I didn't do so much.
The thing is that I am just coming out of a flew of almost a week, so I got easily tired.
Anyway, today I skipped school (mom insisted upon my not being ready to go yet), but went to the dentist, and, when I came back, finished the book I had been reding for the past 5 months: David Copperfield. It's not like I am that slow in reading, but it took me so long because it was the first book I read written in Charles Dickens's way, and I had to cope with exams and stuff, so today, happily, I finished it.
I can say it was one of the most beautufil books I've ever read, and the last ten chapters are the best piece of literature I've ever read, without doubt. He has a way of writing that is not just a paragraph of worthless writing, but a piece of art, in the way of literature. Reading some of the phrases he uses to describe I get actual soul-ache, they're so beautiful!
My favourite writer would say, having my complete agreement on this, that you do not have to read the whole book to get to see the art, what happens with other, more modern authors, but you perceive art, in its purest way, in every paragraph you read.
So, my mark: 9.90 (I'm really strict; only the most perfect books get my 10)

Well, now I'm trying to go to sleep, actually doing the steps before it, like tidying things up a little, and trying to swallow a pill to help me with the remainings of the flew, which is something really hard for I've never learnt how to swallow something without biting it.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is that so complicated?

Today was a pleasant day: I started writing on my blog and went out to buy some stuff in the supermarket, I phoned my granny, who was in the nearbies, I found her, and I went with her to do all the stuff she needed, and then the two of us went to the supermarket. When we arrived at my house, I went upstairs and woke Lollie up, we came home and helped mum and my granny. Then we showed her some stuff and she went away, with my mom. Now we are at my room, Lollie's 'so called' sleeping...

Today, when I accompained my granny to the pharmacy and we were qeuing to pay the stuff, a woman behind us dropped almost a complete shelf, and the security guy and I went and help her to put everything in order. She wasn't trying to grab anything to put it in its place! She didn't even say 'Thank you.' when we finished, and she, unintentionally, hit my head with her bag and I looked up in surprise and say 'Ow', she didn't even apologise. How I hate when you do sth. for smn. and they don't even smile at you in response. I'm not asking for a great hug, or a $1000 reward, just a simple 'Thank you.' or a smile...

Is that so complicated?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

My pleasant day

My life has turned very pleasant, it's really cool and melow these days, because I just do whatever I want and be with the people I wanna be with (which normally means visiting my granny with her sister, mum, mum's boyfriend and my dog, reading the lovely books I have)...
I enjoy myself really much, I could say I've reached 'happiness', though I still need to reach emotional balance (I'm a teenager, so I, sometimes, experience sudden mood-shifts...) and find love...
This is something that's been worrying me, because I'm in love, but, well... I know why I cannot tell the Special Guy, the Dream lover about my feelings... So, I cannot be actually happy if, well... I am not with him, my most beloved one. And sorry for bothering you with this emotional, boring stuff, it's just that I have a new keyboard, I want to use it and this is the stuff that goes through my mind right now... What goes through my mind most of the time...
Let's pass onto a more interesting subject... I hate to watch tv, it's something I can't really stand, something I loathe... Nevertheless, there's a network I love, and that is 'Animal Planet'. I love animals and plants, and have a great love for anything that's natural, so it is no surprise I like it. It is something I do in my summer holidays (just like now): watch that network while I'm having supper, or having tea, or breakfast, etc. I love learning and I love nature, so I love learning about nature. But there's this new programme called 'Dog Whisperer', hosted by César Millán, that is about a guy who helps people to improve their dog's lives. People with problematic dogs call him, and he helps them solve their problem. The programme starts when people show their dogs and introduce themselves, showing what their problem is. Then, César Millán arrives and they give a deeper explanation about their problem, and he discovers the root of the problem. He afterwards takes the dog for a walk and gets to know him, so that in the end he just pulls the leash firmly and lets the dog know who's the boss. Finally, the owners of the dog are very happy, because the problem is solved, they just need to help their dog continuing with the 'training'.
I saw some interesting cases, like a small poodle that didn't want to be combed, like a dog that followed an invisible light all around the house and a small female dog that loathed the leash and refused to wear it.
So my day end like this: I watched a small amount of this programmes during supper and afterwards, and finally I ended writing a small blurb in my blog about the lovely things I've done today. I'll probably now go to bed reading a book, that might well be 'Eldest', by Christopher Paolini or 'Matilda' (which I have read almost 10 times) by Roald Dahl.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Never-ending day!

WOW! Today was such a long day! (And yet, it hasn't finished!)
We did some inportant random (hehe) stuff at MathS (see, Palmerita?), and then the same at Biology, and then came the most important moment of the day: when I saw the specfial guy, as Palmerita calls him, the 'dream lover'. The funny thing is that we are studying the brain and all that stuff in Biology, and the teacher was talking about stressful events, for example, being robbed or seeing the one you like (in my case, I have to explain this, it would be the one I'm totally and deeply in love with), which make your pulse go super fast, your muth be dry, make you wanna pee and poo at the same tame and make you breathe faster. While she spoke, all of these things happened to me, for it was just an hour, half an hour, fifteen, ten minutes (watching carefully the clock) till I saw the special guy, the 'dream lover'. And I saw him, and I enjoyed a lot being with him (I'm gonna expand on this later).
After school, I was going to walk with Palmerita, and I was asking her if she hadn't seen the huge smile on my face, there due to my happines in regards to him, when I turned around quickly and saw he was there. I'm not a 'face blusher', and I'm quite proud of myself because I handled it very well and, I think, didn't give myself away.
Well, it was a very nice day... = ) But I gotta rush, Lollie's waiting for me at her house, with dinner ready, 'cause I'm gonna sleep over at her house and I'm gonna go with her to the PET, an exam she's setting for tomorrow. I'm a bit excited! (Not clear if I'm excited or a bit scared...)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yesterday, mum and I were having tea (actually, cup of coffee with three cookies for her and bowl of cereals for me) and I felt like writing. So I wrote the following statement and she told me something about her day. Also, I wrote about mine. Here we go:

Today was great.

Mum: I met my aunt at the supermarket and we saw three kids of your school. They were from the eleventh grade, and were buying some stuff to eat; I heard they were looking for chocolate pyramids.

Mk>Jz: I discovered our teacher, Elín, wasn't going to come today as soon as the bell rang; I wasn't surprised, though, because she had already told me she wasn't going to come today, for she's so sick of my freakin' class (I understand her pretty well, my classmates are complete jerks and hurt people all the time). However, I expected her to be at school, as she had asked me to bring a DVD ('Juno') for us to watch in the class. I wasn't that disappointed: we got to watch 'The Simpsons' with our adorable Palmerita and then a bit of 'Juno'.

We also performed succesfully 'Hairspray', even though Fleur had some problems with the CD player, which weren't her fault. When we finished, I was still wearing my costume (which includes make-up), and, as we aren´t allowed to wear make-up at school, I decided to leave my make-up on, answering with a "Oh, you're right, I hadn't realised I still had my make-up on..." if somebody told me to go wash my face. After all, I wasn't going to waste a great opportunity to let the special guy see me with make-up...

He saw me, and I dunno (Hehe, right?) what he thought, for he always looks at me in that super sweet and special way. Dear Lord, how I love his eyes! How I love his deep gaze, it dazzles me! His black, deep eyes look at me in a special unforgettable way, as though he were looking through me and telling me my feelings are understood and corresponded... However, I can't stand looking at him for more than five second, for I feel my eyes give me away...

And to think that I just have one more week with him before Summer holidays... = ( That's so discouraging! I guess that, to make things change, I have to tell him something about what I feel, but I don't wanna harm him, for he's engaged and seems in such a deep love with LucyM... By the way, hou much I'm jealous of that girl! She can't possibly love him as much as I do... And I need him so desperately much! = (

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Preparing after long tiring day...

It's 22:37 now, in Argentina, and I'm preparing to go to bed after a super long day.

I had to put up with five super tiring hours at school, and the two more of PE (subject which I hate). For I have a HUGE waist ache, I couldn't do much of the class, so the teacher was a bit angry at me. If only she knew how I feel about not being able to move! (This forbids me practising Jazz Dance, which is my life, and it doesn't even let me lie in peace...).

After that, I got together with my granny, who took me to the doctor, and we showed him the radiographs of my spine and knees. He said some stupid stuff about me not starting Jazz Dance teacher training because it might be harmful to my body, and blah blah blah. I refuse not to do my Jazz Dance teacher training, I've been looking forward to it for so much time, and I have suffered so much for not doing it yet! But the good news is that he told me I just have to do this "RGP" excercises to help my posture, that I can keep on dancing and excercising now. That is so encouraging that when I got home I couldn't help dancing! I had gone to my Dance classes just to watch and learn the choreographies by heart, not by dancing, and I was dying to dance them!

So tomorrow I'm gonna take a small pill the doctor told me to take and I'm gonna star the show at my school, we're doing 'Hairspray', and I play the role of Tracy, the fat girl...

So I guess I should be going now, as I have so many stuff to prepare for tomorrow... I have to prepare my clothes, my make-up, the things I gotta take to school... (BTW, I'm looking forward to let this gut see me with make-up, for we aren't allowed to wear it for school, but tomorrow I will...) ; )