Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crazy week

This week is so crazy! What with Molly's sweet fifteen, her bday, my JDance classes, my JDance show, Molly's choreography, her surpsise choreography, and all the study I should be doing (sad to say it won't be done by itself), I don't get a free moment... So I think this will be the last one till the week is out... Or till next Monday, for school's sake... I just wish we didn't have so many tests, they are useless! They only make us nervous, and we don't learn anything with them!
Luckily, we only have 18 more days of school... November the 27th and we're out! Yay!
I have so many plans for the holidays... I have my usual list of 'books to read' (Brisingr, Treasure Island, Historias de cronopios y de famas, Farenheit 451, Vampire Lestat, and sth by Isabel Allende), and of 'classes to go to' (piano, knitting, cooking, literary sths...).
So I have enough to look forward to.

Well, I think I'd better start with my sexual education test for Friday... I must learn the female and male's reproductive system... Wish me luck!

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