Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yesterday, mum and I were having tea (actually, cup of coffee with three cookies for her and bowl of cereals for me) and I felt like writing. So I wrote the following statement and she told me something about her day. Also, I wrote about mine. Here we go:

Today was great.

Mum: I met my aunt at the supermarket and we saw three kids of your school. They were from the eleventh grade, and were buying some stuff to eat; I heard they were looking for chocolate pyramids.

Mk>Jz: I discovered our teacher, Elín, wasn't going to come today as soon as the bell rang; I wasn't surprised, though, because she had already told me she wasn't going to come today, for she's so sick of my freakin' class (I understand her pretty well, my classmates are complete jerks and hurt people all the time). However, I expected her to be at school, as she had asked me to bring a DVD ('Juno') for us to watch in the class. I wasn't that disappointed: we got to watch 'The Simpsons' with our adorable Palmerita and then a bit of 'Juno'.

We also performed succesfully 'Hairspray', even though Fleur had some problems with the CD player, which weren't her fault. When we finished, I was still wearing my costume (which includes make-up), and, as we aren´t allowed to wear make-up at school, I decided to leave my make-up on, answering with a "Oh, you're right, I hadn't realised I still had my make-up on..." if somebody told me to go wash my face. After all, I wasn't going to waste a great opportunity to let the special guy see me with make-up...

He saw me, and I dunno (Hehe, right?) what he thought, for he always looks at me in that super sweet and special way. Dear Lord, how I love his eyes! How I love his deep gaze, it dazzles me! His black, deep eyes look at me in a special unforgettable way, as though he were looking through me and telling me my feelings are understood and corresponded... However, I can't stand looking at him for more than five second, for I feel my eyes give me away...

And to think that I just have one more week with him before Summer holidays... = ( That's so discouraging! I guess that, to make things change, I have to tell him something about what I feel, but I don't wanna harm him, for he's engaged and seems in such a deep love with LucyM... By the way, hou much I'm jealous of that girl! She can't possibly love him as much as I do... And I need him so desperately much! = (

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