Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Preparing after long tiring day...

It's 22:37 now, in Argentina, and I'm preparing to go to bed after a super long day.

I had to put up with five super tiring hours at school, and the two more of PE (subject which I hate). For I have a HUGE waist ache, I couldn't do much of the class, so the teacher was a bit angry at me. If only she knew how I feel about not being able to move! (This forbids me practising Jazz Dance, which is my life, and it doesn't even let me lie in peace...).

After that, I got together with my granny, who took me to the doctor, and we showed him the radiographs of my spine and knees. He said some stupid stuff about me not starting Jazz Dance teacher training because it might be harmful to my body, and blah blah blah. I refuse not to do my Jazz Dance teacher training, I've been looking forward to it for so much time, and I have suffered so much for not doing it yet! But the good news is that he told me I just have to do this "RGP" excercises to help my posture, that I can keep on dancing and excercising now. That is so encouraging that when I got home I couldn't help dancing! I had gone to my Dance classes just to watch and learn the choreographies by heart, not by dancing, and I was dying to dance them!

So tomorrow I'm gonna take a small pill the doctor told me to take and I'm gonna star the show at my school, we're doing 'Hairspray', and I play the role of Tracy, the fat girl...

So I guess I should be going now, as I have so many stuff to prepare for tomorrow... I have to prepare my clothes, my make-up, the things I gotta take to school... (BTW, I'm looking forward to let this gut see me with make-up, for we aren't allowed to wear it for school, but tomorrow I will...) ; )

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