Friday, November 21, 2008

Never-ending day!

WOW! Today was such a long day! (And yet, it hasn't finished!)
We did some inportant random (hehe) stuff at MathS (see, Palmerita?), and then the same at Biology, and then came the most important moment of the day: when I saw the specfial guy, as Palmerita calls him, the 'dream lover'. The funny thing is that we are studying the brain and all that stuff in Biology, and the teacher was talking about stressful events, for example, being robbed or seeing the one you like (in my case, I have to explain this, it would be the one I'm totally and deeply in love with), which make your pulse go super fast, your muth be dry, make you wanna pee and poo at the same tame and make you breathe faster. While she spoke, all of these things happened to me, for it was just an hour, half an hour, fifteen, ten minutes (watching carefully the clock) till I saw the special guy, the 'dream lover'. And I saw him, and I enjoyed a lot being with him (I'm gonna expand on this later).
After school, I was going to walk with Palmerita, and I was asking her if she hadn't seen the huge smile on my face, there due to my happines in regards to him, when I turned around quickly and saw he was there. I'm not a 'face blusher', and I'm quite proud of myself because I handled it very well and, I think, didn't give myself away.
Well, it was a very nice day... = ) But I gotta rush, Lollie's waiting for me at her house, with dinner ready, 'cause I'm gonna sleep over at her house and I'm gonna go with her to the PET, an exam she's setting for tomorrow. I'm a bit excited! (Not clear if I'm excited or a bit scared...)

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